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    FRP grating for applications where longer support spans are required
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Slip Resistant
    • Fire Retardant
    • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
    • Non-Conductive
    • Low Installation Cost
    • Long Service Life
    • Superior Ergonomics

    Fibergrate's pultruded gratings are manufactured with a high percentage of glass, providing durability and an extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness making it the ideal solution for applications where longer support spans are required. Safe-T-Span provides a nonslip surface for safety and security in industrial and pedestrian applications, and is available in several ADA-compliant configurations.

    Combine the corrosion resistance, long service life, low maintenance with the low cost of installation, and Safe-T-Span offers a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of metal.