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  • F R P Handrail
    G R P Railing and Walkway

    Dynarail/DynaRound Guardrail & Handrail Products Advantages

    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Non-Conductive
    • Fire Retardant
    • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
    • Long Service Life
    • Meets OSHA and International Building Code Requirements

    Dynarail/DynaRound FRP guardrail and handrail systems are easily assembled and installed from durable, prefabricated modular components or can be custom designed for specific applications. Options include horizontal or inclined FRP square tube and round tube railing systems with two or three rails. Specialty picketed guardrail systems are also available. Fibergrate’s engineering and fabrication services enable us to offer a wide range of FRP railing options to fit any project, from the smallest platform to massive, complex structures.